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West U: The city-within-a-city

If you are a family oriented type of person, West University town in Houston is the best place for you to live. Some would say that West University is a small town. However, if you happen to visit the place, you will be amazed to find out that it is nothing less than an upscale city within a city – considered as one of the nation’s largest.

West University

[Photo Credit: city-data (dot) com ]

The place has a fanatical devotion equipped with courts, police force and appointed pools, ball fields, parks which is good for family recreaction. People here love the schools especially West University Elementary School which was dubbed as the fifth-best in the city. In terms of homes, the market starts at $725K for a small West U standards.

Best jogging routes are also here. During weekends, you can take a walk right down to have a taste of their Collina’s pizza Thai spring rolls, and Skeeter’s fajitas. West U seems to be old-fashioned to some people but this town is a family-oriented place which is marked by a taste of the finer things in life.


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